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Rashid Osmani has been writing poetry since 2009. The release of his book, ‘Short Poems, Long Tales’ is his fifth book of poetry, published in 2021. Professionally, he is an Engineer and was the Vice-President of Engineering at several leading Global Companies in the US. He has an MSEE from IIT (Chicago) and 13 US patents.

The way he started writing poetry is explained in one of his books. His poems make a reader think and reflect and are not based purely on imagination and fantasy. According to a reviewer, ‘the themes of poems range from soulful and uplifting to the common patterns of life. The author deserves heartfelt commendation from the readers for exposing such a wide range of emotions in such a courageous manner.’

Rashid has travelled widely around the globe and lives in the Chicago area for the past 40 years. He plans on continuing to write and remain engaged to poems in future.

In addition to writing poetry, Rashid is also engaged in promoting Charity as a member of a foundation established in Illinois.
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