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I like Turkish Serials. It's a beautiful country and the people are also very good looking. To understand them better, we must have an idea of their culture. Turks are pretty emotional. They love their kids a lot. Their thinking is quite complex and the plots they have in their serials are at times a bit childish, but the way the story moves is intellectually absorbing with unexpected turns! At times they are quite violent. Depending on the story and the Director, some serials are a bit boring. I'll be listing good ones, Ok ones and bad ones below with reviews, if done.
Turks are mostly Muslims, and they are quite broad minded. They seem to drink a lot of alcohol in these serials.

Good Serials

* Ertugrul
* The Magnificent Century
* Kara Para Ask
* 20 minutes
* Love is in the Air
* Fatmagul
* Babil
* Intersection
* Son (Engin Duzyatan)

* Anotherself (Netflix)


* Behzat C
* The Gift
* Filinta
* Menajerimi Ara
* Istanbullu Gelin (U-Tube)
* Paper House (U-Tube).

* As the Crow Flies (Netflix)

* Wolf (Netflix)

Not that Good

* Payithat Abdulhamid
* Seferin Kizi (Ambassador's Daughter)
* Either Independence or Death (Ata Turk)
* Sevda Kusun 
* Sahsiyet
* Until Death
* Siyah Bayaz Ask (White and Black Love)
* 50 m2
* Vatanim Sensin
* Masumiyet

* Waiting for You (Sen Cok Bekledim - (U-Tube)

* Iffet (U-Tube)

Currently Watching

Re-watching Kurulus Osman


Season-1 completed. The whole season is a joke. Poorly acted and a lame copy of Ertugrul. Same with Season-2. 

Started Season 3: Same as before. Continuing the BORING series!


Payithat Abdulhamid -  Overall, the plots shown in this series were a bit childish in terms of teaching moral lessons. The main character is indeed a very respectable person with good character and principles. But somehow, he's not a good reader of character as many of the number of his close followers deceive him. He's a bit overrated IMHO.


Iffet -  The first 8-9 episodes of the 40 episode set were interesting. After that it descended into garbage.


Anotherself -  Very absorbing stories of three women in Istanbul. A bit racy, but modern and shows unexpected turns at critical junctures. I didn't fully understand the way in which 'past' is re-created, but enjoyed the series a lot!


As the Crow Flies -  Started out a bit slow but soon picked up. It's a modern, fast-paced TV show. Good acting, especially by Birche. The new young girl is ok, but not that good (Miray Danar from Vatanim Sensin)

Paper House -  A short 8-episode drama on U-tube with Erdal Besikcioglu (Bezhat) and Nur Fettahoglu (The Magnificient Century). It's a modern interpretation of how kids behave these days. A bit disturbing, but ok to watch.

Waiting for You (U-Tube) -  With Ozcan Deniz, we thought this would be good. It was boring with the same stale scenarios. Irem Helvacioglu, the heroine is sort of ok.

Istanbullu Gelin (Bride of Istanbul) -  Based on a true story, there are 180 45-min episodes on U-Tube.

The hero (Ozcan Deniz) is a bit old and the heroine (Asli Enver) is now a bit fat. Though both are good actors. The hero's mom (Ipek Bilgin) is not good at start, but gets better. To make things worse, Ozge Borak is also a character! Yet, being a true story seems to make it a bit interesting. A bit boring at times with a lot of make-up and dresses. It becomes interesting now and then, but the heroine sucks.


Babil - Led by no other than the wonderful Halit Ergenc (The Magnificent Century). There are 20 episodes of over 2 hours each on TurkFans. Except for a few, they are very interesting to watch and follow. Nice to see middle-aged people swindling others.

Vatanim Sensin (Wounded Love). Season 1 is fairly ok. Again the reason is Halit. Season-2 is boring. Overall, a bit childish. The hero, Halit Ergenc is fabulous throughout. The women are a bit irritating. Heavy on culture without much meaning.

Menajerimi Ara (U-Tube): Based on an adaptation of the French series, "Call My Agent". Started out nicely and had some good episodes. Later it turned boring. The main lead actress also became a bit stale. Ozge Borak was pathetic and so was the comedian Turul. Lots of new dresses.

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