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I do read non-Poetry books. Typical focus is on Philosophy, Religion and Human Behavior. Some of the ones that I do read, I end up writing a short review as noted below: (These reviews are also posted on Amazon and Goodreads)

(In this update, I'll share one review every week)

Editor's Top Ten Books: 

  1. Huston Smith: The World’s Religions

  2. Daniel Kahneman: Thinking Fast and Slow

  3. Louis Gerstner: Who says Elephants Can’t Dance?

  4. Jimmy Carter: Peace not Apartheid

  5. Muhammad Asad: The Road to Mecca

  6. Fazlur Rahman: Major Themes of the Quran

  7. Karen Armstrong: A History of God

  8. Reza Aslan: Zealot

  9. Nassim Taleb: Anti Fragile

  10. A Confession: Leo Tolstoy

Highlight Review for this Week

A Confession – Leo Tolstoy – 5 Stars

Masterful Thesis

It is impossible to find someone who writes so well – the clarity, the thought process and utter frankness. It has been more than 100 years since the passing away of this giant of literature who won the Nobel Prize and the way he describes his confession is wonderful to read. What he describes for irrational thoughts (like faith or religion), which must have a link between finite (our living life) and infinite (eternity) was very comforting to me. His classification of human philosophies and his notes on faith are equally enlightening. He doesn’t argue for the reader to change but gives out examples to think and ponder.

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