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Poetic Quote 

Life hurts a lot more than death.



Sufi Poetry

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A Sufi Poem


Oh, the comfort of my soul
I am wretched without you.

Come! Allow me to cast away my life at your feet.
Let me die in desire for your face.
As there is no reason to go on
If I don’t see that beautiful face.

Wake up Oh hidden fortune and behold my state!
Come back Oh long gone life and hear my constant wailing.

Oh Friend! Cast your glance upon me every now and then.
Remember that I am as weak as your drunken eye.

It is strange that you’re constantly with me.
Yet like a shadow I continue to chase you everywhere.

Oh Beloved! It is time for you to find out about my state.
Remember me! I am nothing without your remembrance.

At this moment Iraqi feels ill and dejected.
Bestow your mercy upon his heart
And transport him beyond his imagination.

- Iraqi


Political Opinion

1. Poor decision for Pelosi to go to Taiwan. Useless Speaker. 

2. Life is too short to worry about Climate changes.

3. Can Ukraine get a new President? Someone who will get peace for them, looking beyond the current constraints.