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Poetic Quote 

From each, love demands a mystic silence.

Attar of Nishapur

Sufi Poetry

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Political Opinion

1. I support Dr Oz, despite being promoted by you know who.

2. Believe all women, except Amber Heard, per Chris Rock!

3. I support Imran Khan in Pakistan.

Ask those who know, 
what's this soul within the flesh? 
Reality's own power. 
What blood fills these veins?

Thought is an errand boy,
fear a mine of worries. 
These sighs are love's clothing. 
Who is the Khan on the throne?

Give thanks for His unity. 
He created when nothing existed. 
And since we are actually nothing, 
what are all of Solomon's riches?

Ask Yunus and Taptuk 
what the world means to them.. 
The world won't last. 
What are You? What am I?

Yunus Emre