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Prayerful Probabilities


when wellness of self

or those close
is unclear

prayer calms a fluctuating mind


so, pray and do pray…

the need for it is burnt into a mind

soothing it
for life’s enfolding new unknowns


are unknowingly embedded in such unknowns

touching our lives

in ways we don’t fully understand


probabilities are exceedingly complex

but faith in prayer

embalms patience

to dilute resulting stress


nature has miracles too
known and unknown

but human imagination is unlimited

interpretating outcomes and predicting results


take care and rely on good science

the one

that constantly questions

and searches for truth…


… but it has a lot of grey areas too

in explaining outcomes
needing smart insights to avoid confusion

and not from mad scientists


so, do pray

to keep your mind at rest

work to improve real oddities

without being bogged down by uncertainties


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