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Updated: Feb 25, 2024
Next Update: Mar 3, 2024

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Sufi Quote

Whenever sorrow comes, be kind to it.
For God has placed a pearl in sorrow’s hand.



Sufi Poetry

Holy Box


There is a holy box

in the human brain…

… good things get in there

on a FILO basis.


Like Jesus, chosen people,

One God and figments of human imagination,

giving the human

a peace of mind and a retreat.


when a person tires of confusion

in daily life,

their mind goes into the holy box

and comes out refreshed.

Sufisque Political Opinion

1. You look at all the serious faced experts on US TV screens. Hypocrites at heart. You also look at the opposing side of Russia and China. Good in some instances, but terrible in others. And then there are killers like Israel and India. Suffering are Muslims, who have a good message, but horrible leaders. Given this mix, God knows who'll prevail in the long run? Perhaps the truth speaking scientists like Elon Musk and others...
2. I wonder if I'm missing any important information on Ukraine. Why do so many liberals support it? Does it have a freedom I don't see? I personally don't like Russia, but can see their desire for safety and loyalty from neighbors. But look at Ukraine... what's the big deal. Now, Senate Majority leader is there.
3. The 2nd Daily Show by Stewart was a bit boring. I saw the Tucker interview of Putin and it was quite good. Before decrying dictators, Stewart should look at what Israel is doing: killing children in Gaza. And what does a US democracy do: Give them weapons and shield them. Israel is not a democracy!

Movie Reviews: Past Few Movies. Green ones are good!

* The Last Paradiso (Netflix) 2020. Italian. Based on a true story. Good one to watch!

* On the Fringe (Netflix) 2022. Sensitive portrayal of hard life in Spain. Penelope Cruz is ok in this.

* Ravine (Netflix) 2023. Great suspense film. Saw it twice!

* The Front Page (Netflix) 1974. A bit old, but not that good.

* Hunger (Netflix) 2023. Thai. A bit longish, but a good portrayal about characters.

* Citation (Netflix) 2020. Nigerian. A bit slow but good interaction of relationships.

* The Son (Netflix) 2022. Very sensitive film about relationship between parents and their son. Well done.

* Naked Fear (Tubi) 2007. Well directed film, but ending is a bit clumsy.

* The Ranch (Tubi) 2004. A bit rauchy, but fair human interactions.

* How to Please a Woman (Tubi) 2022. A bit different viewpoint on this topic. Ok to watch.

* And Justice for All (Prime) 1979. A sad commentary on American justice and jails. With Al Pacino.

* Chattahoochee (Prime) 1990. A bit depressing about how mental patients were treated in  the past. Based on a true story.

* I saw the Devil (Prime) 2011. Korean. Terribly violent crime drama.

* How the Crow Flies (Netflix) 2023. Turkish Drama. Filthy story of old drunkard people.

* Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore (Netflix) 1974. Old world charm of a single Mom!
* The Falcon and the Snowman (Netflix) 1985. It's ok to watch old films with good actors. This is also based on a true story about spies. (has Sean Penn)

* Doing Money (Tubi) 2018. Based on a true story. A bit unnerving about a kidnapped girl sold into prostitution.
* The Big Ugly (Netflix) 2020. A fairly well pictured gangster movie.
* Alice (Tubi) 2019. Tense movie about a marriage gone bad. Well picturized.
* The Best of Enemies (Netflix) 2019. A bit slow, but great ending about segregation.

* Swung (Tubi) 2015. Could have been better, but a bit unrealistic.

* Best Seller (prime) 1987. Well executed crime thriller.

* Leave the World Behind (Netflix) 2023. Started out good, but petered out. Not good for the great hype.

* Son of the South (Prime) 2021. It's about the segregated past. Good movie based on a true story.

* Wasp Network (Netflix) 2020. Based on a true story. Ok, but a bit of a drag.

* Fair Play (Netflix) 2023. A pretty fast moving movie, but unrealistic.

* Secrets in the Water (Tubi) 2020. Based on a true story, but a boring movie.

* Jennifer 8 (Prime) 1992. Quite and exciting movie. Kept me glued.

* Last Call for Istanbul (Netflix) 2023. A bit racy and complicated, but good to watch.

* Madre (Tubi) 2019. French. Sensitively done movie about a mother recovering from losing a child.

* Red Corner (Prime) 1997. Very nice Chinese movie with Richard Gere.

* Sea of Love (Netflix) 1989. Al Pacino as a cop in a serial killer movie. Well done.

* No Limit (Netflix) 2022. French. Based on true events. A bit boring with a lot of underwater stuff.


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