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A presentation of Sufi Poems, Reviews of Movies, Books/Science Updates and Dramas with a spot on politics.

Updated every week!

This Update: January 29, 2023

Sufi Quote

Solitude is where one discovers that one is not alone. 


– Marty Rubin


Sly Humility


Humility anticipates future humiliation.


When publicly expressed,

it is seldom genuine gratitude

Often it is a tactical posture
to entice greater rewards

Or preempt eating crow.

Political Opinion

1. Did the FBI look for classified documents from Obama, Bush or Clinton? Why focus on a criminal President only?

2. Twitter is by far the most truthful news spreader, despite it having many negative and wild statements given by people for gaining followers.

3. I watched the BBC documentary on Modi. It wasn't very negative in my opinion. It just showed a person without character.


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