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A presentation of Poetry, Philosophy and Politics...
What's more in life to enjoy?

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Updated: May 12, 2024
Next Update: May 19, 2024

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Sufi Quote

Every lie is a poison; there are no harmless lies. Only the truth is safe. Only the truth gives me consolation - it is the one unbreakable diamond.


Leo Tolstoy

Sufi Poetry

State of Mind


As we go through life
there are times when we’re at
perfect peace with ourselves.


Pictures, look good on social media
and with success in our belts
make us think
that we’ve life under control.


But, little do we know
when time runs out…
… it always does
we’ll have little to show


for it or about it

now or later

enjoyment is a passing phase

don’t think elsewise

Sufisque Political Opinion

1. I wonder why Republicans and Democrats, like Biden, Speaker Johnson, Ted Cruz, etc are so fond of Israel? Is it the money they provide as donations? But that money belongs to the US, in the first place, that they receive as 'funds'. Can't they not see the history and the truth? Have they forgotten the Holocaust and who did that? I think it's the money angle and the feeling they have that most ordinary folks will not understand the background or just be led away by random religious thoughts that have no basis is historic facts.

2. In reality, moving into Rafah doesn't make sense, even from an Israeli standpoint. What's 25% of Hamas that's in Rafah? When Israel claims that it destroyed 75% of Hamas elsewhere, even if what the lying Israelis claim is true? In real sense, Israel was sleeping when Hamas attacked them on October 7. Wake up. You've already caused enough damage to Gaza and the world has woken up. Your leaders will have an arrest warrant from ICC. Your support in the US is starting to dwindle.

3. It may be hard to imagine today, but in about 100 years, the rulers of the map area showing Israel-Palestine, will be led by the Palestinian people. Yes, it's hard to imagine. But look at history. Truth always wins. It may take time, but it always does.

Movie Reviews: Past Few Movies. Green ones are good!

* The Judge (Netflix) 2014. A bit sentimental. Great acting and a good  movie.

* Security (Netflix) 2021. Italian. Lots of intense family relationships with typical variants of a rich person. Sort of ok to watch.

* Prey (Netflix) 2021. German. A bit unexplainable, but good suspense.

* The Warning (Netflix) 2018. Spanish. A bit complex, but an engaging movie.

* The Four of Us (Netflix) 2021. German. Quite an intelligent, polyamorous film.

* Laapataa Ladies (Netflix) 2024. Hindi. Actually quite boring.

* Perdida (Netflix) 2018. Argentinian. A bit weird movie with a girl cop.

* Roadkill (Tubi) 2024. A violent girl-led villainy movie. A bit boring.

* Elena Knows (Netflix) 2023. Spanish. Based in Argentina. Good acting, but a bit boring.

* The Crimes that Bind (Netflix) 2020. Spanish. Based in Argentina on a true story. Very well made mystery

* Rest in Peace (Netflix) 2024. Spanish. A fairly ok movie, but ending is a bit off.

* Wild is the Wind (Netflix) 2022. South Africa based. Wonderful crime story with belief passions.

* Dangerous Lies (Netflix) 2020 Interesting movie with a lot of twists in the mystery.

* The Accountant (Netflix) 2016. Horrible movie. Ben Affleck is a disgrace in this one.

* The Catholic School (Netflix) 2022. Based on a true story. Depressing to watch.

* Still Time (Netflix) 2023. Italian. Sensitively done movie about sudden time changes showing up for the lead character.

* 12th Fail (Netflix) 2023. Hindi. Based on a true story. Very well presented. Enjoyed watching this!

* A day and a Half (Netflix) 2023. Swedish. Rock solid thriller. Good one to watch.

* Rising High (Netflix) 2020. German. Based on a true story about real estate swindling in Berlin. Ok to watch with lots of ups and downs.

* The Wrath of God (Netflix) 2022. Spanish. About an author who murders.

* Art of Love (Netflix) 2024. Turkish. A bit boring despite featuring Esra Bilgic, the Erdogan lead.

* Dear Son (Netflix) 2018. Arabic. Based on a true story from Tunasia. A bit slow about a son running off to join ISIS.

* Bhakshak (Netflix) 2023. Hindi. Beautiful, realistic film about exploitation of orphan girls.

* The Celebrity Stylist (Netflix) 2023. Columbian. Based on a true story. Inconclusive at the end.

* Wind River (Prime) 2017. An ok type snow movie. Commercials on Prime now. Too bad.

* Mixed by Erry (Netflix) 2023. Italian. Based on a true story also. Touching. Its about music piracy.

* A Man of Action (Netflix) 2022. French. True story based. Action oriented good movie.

* The Last Paradiso (Netflix) 2020. Italian. Based on a true story. Good one to watch!

* On the Fringe (Netflix) 2022. Sensitive portrayal of hard life in Spain. Penelope Cruz is ok in this.

* Ravine (Netflix) 2023. Great suspense film. Saw it twice!

* The Front Page (Netflix) 1974. A bit old, but not that good.

* Hunger (Netflix) 2023. Thai. A bit longish, but a good portrayal about characters.

* Citation (Netflix) 2020. Nigerian. A bit slow but good interaction of relationships.

* The Son (Netflix) 2022. Very sensitive film about relationship between parents and their son. Well done.

* Naked Fear (Tubi) 2007. Well directed film, but ending is a bit clumsy.

* The Ranch (Tubi) 2004. A bit rauchy, but fair human interactions.

* How to Please a Woman (Tubi) 2022. A bit different viewpoint on this topic. Ok to watch.

* And Justice for All (Prime) 1979. A sad commentary on American justice and jails. With Al Pacino.

* Chattahoochee (Prime) 1990. A bit depressing about how mental patients were treated in  the past. Based on a true story.

* Doing Money (Tubi) 2018. Based on a true story. A bit unnerving about a kidnapped girl sold into prostitution.
* The Big Ugly (Netflix) 2020. A fairly well pictured gangster movie.
* Alice (Tubi) 2019. Tense movie about a marriage gone bad. Well picturized.
* The Best of Enemies (Netflix) 2019. A bit slow, but great ending about segregation.

* Swung (Tubi) 2015. Could have been better, but a bit unrealistic.

* Best Seller (prime) 1987. Well executed crime thriller.

* Leave the World Behind (Netflix) 2023. Started out good, but petered out. Not good for the great hype.


Poetry certainly beats making money in the market...

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